Warrior Dash 5K for Brain Aneurysm Awareness & Research

TBF Warrior Dash team, before and after the race.

Thank you to James Blayer, Mayy Quinlan, Mike Pavelchak, and Rich Yura, members of the Warrior Dash team that raced in Warwick, NY on May 21st to support The Bee Foundation! This grueling 5K through the mountains contained 12 obstacles that the team had to work together to overcome and make it to the finish line. Although the race was untimed, they made it through in about 40 minutes – quite a feat considering all four team members had to get through time consuming obstacles like crawling under barbed wire and jumping over a pit of fire!

Doing something with your friends to fundraise for a charitable cause is not only a fun time, but also a great, rewarding bonding experience! Here are some other creative group-fundraising ideas from Every Day Hero:

  • Dinner or drinks – Contact a local bar and see if they are willing to host a charity fundraiser. Since you’re fundraising with your friends, you will have double the contacts to invite. Use each other’s networks to bring together everyone you know. Some places will let you sell tickets at the door, while some will let guests present a voucher for a certain percentage of their bill to go towards your cause.
  • Host a movie marathon! Get caught up on your favorite movies and TV shows by hosting a screening at your house. Ask for a donation to watch the movie marathon (even a $10 donation is cheaper than going to most theaters!) and in return your friends will be able to binge watch some real classics together. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Car wash – Cleaning cars in return for donations might not sound like the most fun to be had but with a group of you working together to get the job done the time will fly by! Make sure you prepare your musical playlist before the big day and have plenty of refreshments on hand – it’s hard work being awesome.
  • Closet clean out – Everyone has old clothes they are looking to rid themselves of so why not get your group together to donate your unloved items and host a second hand fashion show! You can charge gold coin entry and auction off your fabulous clothes to a willing audience of family and friends whilst you get all the fun of strutting down the cat walk. (It goes without saying that any clothes left over can be donated to your local charity shop).
  • Pot luck dinner – Not everyone is a budding Nigella Lawson but that shouldn’t hold you back. Get everyone to cook their signature dish (be that macaroni cheese or a full blown roast with all the trimmings) and host an evening of fun, food, and a cheeky donation – and even a prize for the best (or worst) meal!

If you would like to raise money to support brain aneurysm research and awareness while having an awesome time with your friends, check out this blog post to learn how to navigate our easy to use fundraising system.

Already know how to use it? Get started today!

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