Unlocking the Power of Giving Tuesday: 4 Facts and How You Can Help The Bee Foundation

Did you know that the government currently spends just $2.08 per person affected by a brain aneurysm? It’s time to change that, and The Bee Foundation is on a mission to make a real impact. This giving season, we’ve set an ambitious goal, and we need your support to achieve it. 

Here are four facts about Giving Tuesday and how you can play a crucial role in our mission.

  1. The Genesis of Giving Tuesday: Giving Tuesday, was created as a counterbalance to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It has since grown into a global movement, emphasizing the spirit of giving and collaboration.
  2. Social Media as a Catalyst: Social media is the heart of Giving Tuesday. The hashtag #GivingTuesday trends across platforms, encouraging individuals and organizations to share their causes. You can amplify our message by sharing The Bee Foundation’s posts, using the hashtag, and spreading awareness about brain aneurysms.
  3. Diverse Ways to Contribute: Giving isn’t solely about monetary donations. While financial support is crucial, you can contribute in various ways. Learn more about our Decade of Change campaign and all the ways to get involved. Share our posts, talk about brain aneurysms in your community, or start your own fundraising campaign. Every effort counts.
  4. The Power of $2 and 2 Friends: This Giving Tuesday, The Bee Foundation aims to create a groundswell of support. We’re asking each supporter to donate $2.00 and tag 2 friends to join the cause. Imagine the impact we can make when each person’s small contribution combines with the collective strength of a community united for change.

    How You Can Help:

    💬 Share the Message: Spread the word about our campaign on your social media platforms. 

    🙌 Tag 2 Friends: Encourage your friends to get involved too. Tag 2 friends and ask them to do the same. Let’s create a ripple effect of support.