university of michigan brain aneurysm fundraiser

University of Michigan Alumni Support Brain Aneurysm Research & Awareness at 12th Annual Chilimpiad

Every year, Alicia Paramo-Dionne and her husband, alumni of the University of Michigan, hold a well known chili cook-off at their home. Each year they select a local charity to support with the proceeds of the cook-off, and this year Alicia found The Bee Foundation. Read on to learn more about the event and why Alicia decided to support brain aneurysm research and awareness.

Alicia told The Bee Foundation, “My reason for choosing The Bee Foundation as the “charity of choice” for our 12th annual Chilimpiad (a chili cook-off that my husband and I hold at our home) was to honor my friend and neighbor, Kristen Busha. Kristin died suddenly from a [ruptured] brain aneurysm in June and leaves behind a loving husband, Bryan, and two adorable sons, Fritz and Eli. My heart broke when we lost her and I just knew we had to do something not only to honor our lost friend and a wonderful soul but also to bring awareness to this cause.”

university of michigan brain aneurysm fundraiser

Alicia knew it was the right fit when she read about our mission, and the fact that The Bee Foundation is not a “national/chain-like” non-profit. Alicia and her husband usually like to select a cause that is local, but the Bee Foundation still fit their purpose, and both founders are U of M alumni.

This year was a smaller gathering that most, but still with 60 people in attendance. The chili recipes certainly didn’t fail and there was plenty of fun had by all. The event raised nearly $1000 – but more importantly it raised greater awareness and increased knowledge levels about the impact of aneurysms and how little funding the issue receives.

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