The 4th Annual Cornerstone Winter Wine Festival Recap

The 4th Annual Cornerstone Winter Wine Festival was a night to remember, filled with laughter, community, and impactful moments. Held on February 24th at Cornerstone Bistro & Artisanal Market, this event brought together supporters, advocates, winemakers, importers and distributors, and friends of The Bee Foundation (TBF).  The evening raised over $100,000 for brain aneurysm research, awareness, advocacy, and support. We are so thankful to everyone’s generosity and support. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights from this unforgettable evening.

Welcoming Guests: The festivities began with a warm welcome to all attendees as they arrived at the venue. Guests were greeted with smiles and the anticipation of an exciting night ahead. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as old friends reunited and new connections were made, all united by a common cause.

Tasting Experiences: One of the highlights of the evening was the exquisite wine tasting experience. Attendees had the opportunity to sample a diverse selection of wines from some of the most exclusive vineyards spanning from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara County. Every year, the line-up gets better and better – this year it was STELLAR! It was hard to pick favorites when every bottle was incredible. View the full line up here.

Keynote Address: A poignant moment of the evening came with the keynote address delivered by TBF Ambassador and Brain Aneurysm Advocate, Jaime Meltzer. Jaime shared her deeply personal story and the profound impact that TBF has had on her journey. Her words resonated with attendees, reminding everyone of the importance of TBF’s mission and the critical need for continued support.

Live Auction and Fundraising: The excitement continued with a lively live auction featuring a variety of coveted items generously donated by sponsors and supporters. Bids flew high as guests vied for exclusive experiences and unique treasures, all in support of TBF’s cause. Additionally, a dedicated fundraising effort throughout the evening saw generous donations pouring in, further fueling TBF’s mission to drive research and prevention initiatives.

Closing Remarks: As the evening drew to a close, attendees gathered for final remarks and expressions of gratitude. Heartfelt thanks were extended to sponsors, donors, volunteers, and attendees for their unwavering support and dedication to TBF’s mission. Together, we celebrated the success of the 4th Annual Cornerstone Winter Wine Festival and looked forward to continuing the journey towards a future free from the threat of brain aneurysms.

Conclusion: The 4th Annual Cornerstone Winter Wine Festival was a resounding success, uniting the community in a shared commitment to making a difference. Through the power of generosity, advocacy, and collective action, we are one step closer to our vision of a world without brain aneurysms. As we reflect on the memories made and the impact achieved, let us carry the spirit of hope and determination forward as we continue the fight against this devastating condition.

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