Deuer brain aneurysm

Teacher survives aneurysm, offers Goshen students a case study in being ‘more than lucky’

In August 2015, three days into a new school year, Beth Deuer felt the worst headache of her life, and she collapsed at home, vomiting, blinded by the dimmest light. Her husband, Jason, a nurse, got her to TriHealth’s Bethesda Arrow Springs emergency department in Lebanon. Then Deuer blacked out. Doctors diagnosed that an aneurysm at the back of her head had ruptured, filling the space between her skull and brain with blood.

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Deuer has been a teacher at Goshen High School for 20 years, and has always felt that good fortune seems to strike her often. And after suffering through a ruptured brain aneurysm and tough, slow recovery, she feels more lucky than ever and continues to help students learn and grow as a teacher at Goshen. Her students feel just as lucky to have gotten their teacher back.

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