TBF Awareness Ambassadors

What makes The Bee Foundation so special is the connection among brain aneurysm survivors and their support network.  Each of our Awareness Ambassadors’ lives have been impacted forever and suddenly by a Brain Aneurysm. This is why we believe that the voices of our Ambassadors are at the core of who we are and what we do. In partnership together our mission is to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and increase funding for innovative research that prevents brain aneurysms and saves lives. 


An estimated 6 million people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm, or 1 in 50 people. The annual rate of rupture is approximately 8 per 100,000 people or about 30,000 people in the United States suffer a ruptured brain aneurysm. There is a brain aneurysm rupturing every 18 minutes.

Meet Our Awareness Ambassadors

“Bee Beautiful”

Being an Ambassador of anything is a privilege especially if it relates directly to you!  I had a brain aneurysm.  Daily I am grateful to be alive and I take full responsibility for everything that I do – including how I respond to the unexpected.  Being an Ambassador for Bee Foundation allows me to share my own experience so I can support people to short cut the otherwise lengthy journey of recovery that they may find themselves in.  I look forward to growing with Bee Foundation.

Andrew Davie

“Bee resilient”

I wanted to be an ambassador to able to help others navigate through their recovery. 

Kavita Basi

“Be Active, Be ethical, Be Confident “

Alongside helping others it was also important for me to help our planet! Having always been interested in sustainability, the social change that was happening in society & wanting to live better due to my life changing experience, all helped to enhance my focus around this. I want to continue to raise awareness for both brain injuries and living better.

“Bee Authentic”

I want to be an ambassador for The Bee Foundation because of what the Bee Foundation has meant to me in the last 18 months since my ruptured brain aneurysm.  I want to be a voice for survivors, give hope to those who are suffering in silence, and help prevent this from happening to others.

Amanda Costanza

“Bee powerful”
As a 2x unruptured brain aneurysm survivor and future (hopefully neurosurgical) physician assistant, I am SO passionate about raising awareness for this important cause that is near and dear to my heart & brain.  The Bee Foundation has been such an important part of my journey and I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing group!

Diana L Creaturo

“Bee Poetic”

 I sometimes feel like I don’t always know what is going on when it comes to raising awareness, and I always want to do more but never know where or how to start. The Ambassador group will be a great way to connect more with the group,  learn more and do more to help make a difference.  

Jessica Fausak

“Bee Compassionate”

I want to be an ambassador because helping others gives me fulfillment.

Katherina Diemer

“Bee resilient, Bee your own advocate, and Bee love”

I wanted to be an ambassador to help other people if possible and share my experience with people. I also love the Bee Foundation and  want to bring awareness to aneurysms and this organization. I feel lucky to have found this group and resource and it’s been so helpful for me.

Tracy Faulkner

Tracy Faulkner

“Bee Grateful”

In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 50 people have an unruptured brain aneurysm (~6M people).  Every 18 minutes, a brain aneurysm ruptures (burst).  Unfortunately, nearly half of ruptured aneurysms are fatal.  Those who survive this medical emergency often experience lifelong debilitating challenges, which may be invisible to the human eye.  I share my story of survival after experiencing this devastating life event – a ruptured brain aneurysm, a severe subarachnoid hemorrhage, and multiple unruptured brain aneurysms.  According to my world-renowned neurosurgery team, I beat the “odds”.  I use my preserved gift of speech for patient advocacy, research, and brain aneurysm awareness.

Alejandra Jimenez & Daniela Sierra

“Bee Impetus” 

I wanted to be an ambassador as Danielas mom, it is important to me to bring awareness about Brain aneurysm. 

Cat Navarro Lee

“Bee Relentless” 

I have always believed in the power that storytelling can have. When I found out I had a unruptured brain aneurysm, the stories I read about through The Bee Foundation helped give me insight and courage on how to move forward. I wanted to contribute by sharing my story in hopes of also helping others on this uncertain journey. As an ambassador, I want to encourage others to focus on what we can control, to remember we are stronger than we know, and to “bee relentless” at fighting for what’s important. 

Claudia Mallea

“Be in community

I want to be an ambassador to connect the work I put out in the world with the  foundation that has so greatly benefited me and many others effected by aneurysms.

Jaleesa Matthews

“Bee Gutsy. Bee Heroic. Bee Intoxicating

I remember this awful thing happening to me and feeling like I had no one around me who could understand or help me. I felt — and sometimes still feel — so alone in this world that I didn’t ask to be in. So, as I move forward and progress, I want to be able to help another young person who had an aneurysm disrupt their life. If only to let them know they are not alone, and they don’t have to be.

Patricia Mccarthy

“Always Bee You”

We were once three. I lost my beautiful 21 year old twin daughter Brittany on the right side of me. Brittany was very healthy and this is a shock to all of us. A sudden rupture Brain aneurysm took her life. We all all trying to come to grips with this terrible tragedy. We are working to help others in Brittany’s memory , by working with the Bee foundation to raise awareness and to help fund for research, with the hopes to help save lives from this terrible disease. We will continue to help others in Brittany’s honor, to speak about brain aneurysms and with more funded research for an aneurysm to be found before they  Rupture . Brittany is missed everyday this should have never happened  and live in pain without her. By spreading awareness and helping to fund for research we hope to help others. 

Ashley McCarthy ​

Bee loved, Bee passionate, Bee heard .

My connection to the BEE foundation resonates with the loss of my twin sister Brittany, who lost her life at 21 years old from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Being an ambassador is important in order to share my sister’s story, share the love, be passionate in advocating for this deadly disease and making others feel heard. At the end of the day all of our stories are different but are interconnected. My heart is filled with determination to spread awareness, fund for research and never give up in preventing this from happening to others.

Leslie Miller

“Bee Purposeful”

Work Hard — Play Hard.  That’s my personal mission statement. Since my early 30s, my mission statement has helped me build a life with purpose, guiding daily choices in my professional and personal life. But, after that June evening in 2021, life got really hard. For over 2 years, I struggled immensely, finally realizing that I’d lost my sense of purpose. Working hard and playing hard were no longer a possibility. Or so I thought. One day when writing, it finally hit me. The light bulb turned on. 
As an Ambassador, I want to help other survivors, who find themselves in a similar situation as me, more quickly see the light. I want to leverage what I learned to help others who’ve been significantly affected by a brain aneurysm regain or redefine their sense of purpose. 

Jaime Meltzer​

“To bee the light for my sister and others”

My sister, my best friend, Lora Ritchie, died January 18 2022 at age 43 from a ruptured aneurysm. She left so much behind. Her parents, her children (3 girls 7,11,13) her husband, her niece, nephews, friends and ME. I miss her every second of every day. I want to find the “why” and help funding for future research so no one ever feels this Excruciating pain.

Elizabeth Ratta

“Bee Open”

It is full circle for me to be an ambassador because when I was first diagnosed with a brain aneurysm it was the Bee Foundation that served as a life raft for me after I read a story shared by a Brain Aneurysm survivor that resonated with me and helped me not feel alone. To be able to support and engage with other survivors and raise awareness about brain aneurysms is a gift. I feel honored to stand beside the strong survivors serving as ambassadors. I believe so much in the value of this work and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to see the positive impacts. I’m forever grateful. 

Eloise Repeczky

Bee adventurous!

As I think of how I can help my little corner of the world, I’m continuously drawn to the brain aneurysm community. After my sister, and best friend, first suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in January 2018, we were drawn to the brain aneurysm community to help understand this silent disease and how we could best provide support during her healing process.

Alicia Smart

 “Bee Adventurous”

As a two time brain aneurysm survivor who made invaluable connections through the Bee Foundation, I am excited to be a part of the Bee Foundation Ambassador group to help raise awareness and money for research for all those impacted by Brain Aneurysms.  


Minda Thurman

“Bee Bold”

To ‘bee’ an ambassador means to advocate fiercely for a cause. I sincerely believe in the mission of The Bee Foundation to raise awareness and gain funding to back critical research for the prevention and treatment of deadly AVMs and aneurysms. The organization provided me a safe space to “bee” myself and recover from the most life-changing experience that’s ever happened to me.

Tricia Scobey

“Bee Proactive” 

The Bee Foundation has helped me learn about aneurysms and to find my voice to help others learn about them.  I want to be a part of the solution as no one should have to go through what I went through.  The focus on PREVENTION is key for me.

Zac Yezzi

“Bee Strong”

My goal is to pay it forward to help provide others with the same resources that I received after my AVM rupture, and hopefully help prevent brain aneurysms and AVM rupture from happening altogether


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