2014 Donors

Matthew Arena
Anthony and Katie Balsamo
Agnes Bateman
Jason Birdsell
James Blayer
Kathy Borruso
Robert and Mimi Box
The Boyle Family Foundation
Laura Brechter
Beth and Chris Burger
Joseph and Mary Burnash
Asad Butt
Patti and Michael Byrne
Jennifer Cali
Alexandria Cipolla
Alex Clark
Jen Cohen
The Connelly Foundation
Michele Cunko
Joan and Dow Davis
Jeffrey and Suzanne DeFuria
Anne Delaney
Joseph and April Denny
William Dougherty
Pamela and Craig Dubuc
Lauren and Adam Duffy
Thomas & Suzanne Duffy
Ted Egner
Janice Feeley
Mark Fernandez
Hugh & Anne Fiore
Peter Fiore
Melissa Fritze

Barbara Fynes
Tom and Gerry Galbally
Bob and Kimberly Gallant
Julie Ganong & Alan Mons
Joel and Gabrielle Gilbert
Nayisha Gonzalez
Ryan and Lauren Grady
Steve and Nancy Graham
Daniel Hadas
Bill and Sally Hahn
Gordon Hammann
Jason and Devon Hammonds
Lauren Hanko
Matt and Lauren Hesketh
Jeffrey Heisler
Carly Howenstine and Brian Borchert
Felix Hsieh
Erik and Laura Ingersoll
Jeanette and Tom Johnson
Greg and Rachael Jones
Aaron Katz
Linda and Jimmy King
Michael Krempasky
Brendan and Catherine Lake
Tim Langevin
Dan and Beverly Lyons
Justin and Laura Mangino
Nora Marsh
Kate and Ben Masino
Ward J. Mazzucco and Tami O’Connor
Steve McIlwain

Mindy McGrath
Megan Minifie
Millner Family Foundation
Deborah O’Brien
Meg O’Connor
Matthew O’Dell and Susan Hines
Alec Ofsevit
Mark Panus
John Pescitelli
Melissa Phillips
Shannon Pierce
Leslie & Eileen Quick
Rosemary Quick
Jennifer Rauscher
Mike and Kathleen Ricciardi
Rebecca and Alex Roe
Blaise Sedney
Damian Sedney
MaryAnne Sedney
Patrick and Brooke Smith
Mitchell Stringer
Duffy Thaxton
Michael Vaughn
Dante and Beth Volpe
Michael Weckenman
Marianne Wilson
William Wilson
Ned and Katherine Wonson
Jon Wyatt

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