Ryan Marshall Shares His Brain Aneurysm Story

Ryan Marshall’s Story – Marine Complaining of Horrible Headache Has Brain Aneurysm

In this story Ryan Marshall shares his experience suffering a ruptured aneurysm.

“On September 30th 2016 in Pearl City HI, I had a horrible headache when I was headed to work at 3 am. I started to get dressed and then realized that I couldn’t anymore. I told my roommate to call 911, because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the brain.

The Ambulance rushed me to Tripler Army Medical Center. When I got there, they began to run tests. The doctor then told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. They gave me Motrin and was about to discharge me. I took the Motrin and my body quickly rejected the pills. After they saw that they told me that they were going to stick a needle in my back to find out if there is any issues.

After the lumbar puncture they told me that I had blood running from my brain down to my back and I had 30 minutes to live. They couldn’t do the surgery at Tripler so they rushed me to Queens Medical Center where I began my surgery.

After the surgery I was discharged from the hospital 3 weeks later. I  had physical therapy, speech therapy, and mental health appointments. It helped me with my mobility in the left side of my body and my slurred speech.

I medically retired from the Marine Corps 2 years later and started eating right, training, and mental healing.”