Rebecca Garita’s Story: Worst Headache I’ve Ever Felt

In this story Rebecca Garita shares her experience suffering a ruptured aneurysm.


“At the age of 50, on Tuesday February 23 2021, just hours after my oldest son’s 29th birthday, I woke at approximately 6:00AM to begin a day of work. Sitting at the edge of my bed I call for my daughter, and calling unto God to help me several times, experiencing what I can say is the worst headache I’ve ever felt. Vomiting, feeling my body get weaker, urinating on my self, could not get the words out of my mouth to explain to my daughter what I was feeling as she spoke with the 911 operator. I remember saying my goodbyes and telling her I loved her, asking her to please tell my son I loved him and telling my youngest son ” He will be fine” as he had already came up to my room.


I do not remember anything after other than waking up in the ICU. I was told I had suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and had just came out of surgery. My time at the hospital is vaguely remembered due to loss of memory. I do remember due to the pandemic, I wasn’t allowed visitors until approved and the way of my family to be able to see me was through Zoom. 

Seven days after my rupture I suffered a Basal Ganglia stroke which landed me back into ICU for another two weeks. Loss of movement on my right side and other complications led to 3 months of physical therapy. 

On April 20th, 2022 a 4th pipeline stent was placed after a routine angiogram revealed a new clot on the right side of my brain. 5 angiograms, several Scans and MRIs later, it has been a rough 2 years but nonetheless I am most grateful to God for my life and for the ability to wake up and see my family. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the amazing team of doctors who have dedicated their time to care for me. I know there’s a long road ahead and with each day there are new challenges but my strength comes from the Lord and my loved ones.

This is a life changing experience that is so hard to put into words but I hope my story can help others. Most importantly those who haven’t yet been able to have a Scan. Be a change, get involved, spread awareness, make donations, join events and join organizations like The Bee Foundation that are dedicated to helping brain aneurysm survivors and their families. The feeling is rewarding. My journey continues, I am alive and get to wake up everyday, some good and some not so good but I’m breathing and that’s all that matters.

Note: Will forever be indebted to you Sabrina Alexis. My hero. 🙂