annita phillips brain aneurysm

From the race to the operating room: One woman’s survival from a brain aneurysm

Augusta, GA — Annita Phillips loved to run. She ate right, exercised, and completed several half marathons. In 2013, though, while running the Rock ‘n Sole Run in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – her race was cut short by a brain aneurysm.

For Annita it started with a headache, but she did not think much of it at the time. Then, during the race, her legs started to become shaky. It happened once, then a second time and she was on the ground. Within seven minutes Annita was at St. Luke’s Medical Center, just a few minutes after that she was in surgery.

Doctors kept Annita in the hospital for 20 days, and she stayed in Milwaukee for a few more weeks after that so that doctors could keep tabs on her. She still has two aneurysms in her brain, but they are the size of the point of a safety pin — something that her doctors continue to watch in check-ups.

As for Annita’s recovery — she is stronger. She explains that sometimes so has a little trouble with her speech, but for the most part she has no lingering problems. Annita is simply thankful to be alive and says that the little things don’t get to her anymore. Instead she believes that she has a purpose for being here, part of which is helping to raise awareness about brain aneurysms. She is also ready to hit the pavement again, and is preparing to run another marathon.

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