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Our mission is to reduce the number of deaths caused by brain aneurysms through awareness, research and education.

  • We believe there are methods of early detection. We believe there are warning signs. 
  • We believe aneurysms can be treated before they rupture. We know we can save lives.


The Bee Foundation was founded by Christine Kondra (Doherty) and Erin Kreszl (Doherty) inspired by the loving memory of their cousin Jennifer A. Sedney who died suddenly from a ruptured brain aneurysm in December 2013. Christine, a previous medical research consultant, successful entrepreneur and private chef, and Erin, an institutional investment advisor and University of Michigan Ross School of Business post-graduate, are dedicated to creating a vibrant and dynamic organization that will achieve its vision by leveraging their experience and network. Christine and Erin are supported by Board Directors, Dan Calista and Dr. Patricia Henwood. Dan Calista, Director of Corporate Partnerships, is the Founder and CEO of Vynamic, one of the leading healthcare industry management consulting firms in the country. Dr. Patricia Henwood, Chief Medical Officer, is an assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of Global Health Initiatives in Emergency Medicine. She is also President and Co-Founder of PURE, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing diagnostic imaging in the developing world. In addition, The Bee Foundation is supported by Eileen Smith as Chief Operating Officer, and Courtney Stern as Chief Marketing Officer both of whom are dedicated to the organization’s inspiration, mission and vision. Learn more >>

The mission of The Bee Foundation is to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and increase funding for innovative research that saves lives and prevents brain aneurysms. We are continuing to build a robust and dynamic research community with our Scientific Advisory Board, donors and network of researchers. Our community, grant recipients and research community, is committed to advancing brain aneurysm research.


On December 25, 2013, we said goodbye to a remarkable young woman who was taken from us too early. At the age of 27, Jennifer A. Sedney suffered a fatal brain aneurysm that burst with few warning signs. Jenny danced through life and left a smile on the face of everyone she passed. She was a daughter, sister, soul mate, niece, cousin, colleague, student, partner, and most importantly, a true friend. To use her own words,

Jenny worked hard and played hard. She was a lover of all things culinary,

and a curious Philadelphia implant who took constant photos to document the world around her. In her free time Jenny became a certified health coach to support those around her become a little more radiant. Her health blog, The WellNest, was founded on three guiding principles which she lived her life by:

“Bee Curious. Bee Radiant. Bee Well.”

The Bee Foundation was created with that spirit by her family and friends to reduce the number of fatal brain aneurysms through awareness, education and research.

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We are so thankful to our donor community for their ongoing support in helping us fight brain aneurysms


The Bee Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization 

The Bee Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to advance  benchmark research focusing on screening and testing to  identify brain aneurysms before they rupture.  

Christine Kondra, Co-Founder, and Dr. Patricia Henwood,  Chief Medical Officer for The Bee Foundation, is currently  developing a Scientific Advisory Board that will consist of  leading clinicians and scientists dedicated to neurovascular  research in the area of brain aneurysms. The Bee Foundation  is dedicated to providing research grants from the bench to  the bedside to advance diagnostic research and  screening tests.


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