Brain Aneurysm

The Benefits of Philanthropy

The generous support of donors, volunteers, fundraisers, and advocates for The Bee Foundation has made enormous contributions to our cause of increasing awareness of brain aneurysms and raising money for brain aneurysm research. But aside from the benefits to our cause, there can be individual health and financial benefits to contributing as well!

Three Reasons December is The Best Time of Year to Donate To a Cause

Tax Benefits

A gift to a qualified charitable organization, such as The Bee Foundation, may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions. The benefit depends on your tax bracket.  For example, for those in the 35% tax bracket, a $100 donation to The Bee Foundation would reduce your tax bill by $35.  Donate by December 31st to make sure you receive the benefit for the 2021 tax year!

Individual Benefits

Not only do individuals and organizations receive tax benefits from donating to nonprofits, but a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that individuals frequently experience a “helper’s high” or “giver’s glow!”1 A survey of people who have volunteered in the US revealed that philanthropy contributed to

  • An improved sense of well-being (89 percent)
  • Lower stress levels (73 percent)
  • Better physical health (68 percent)
  • Enhanced emotional health (77 percent)
  • Enriched sense of purpose in life (92 percent)
  • Increased happiness (96 percent)

Researchers at Harvard even measured an actual physiological response to being charitable – philanthropists’ experienced a boost to their immune systems!

Research Benefits

The Bee Foundation contributes a minimum of 70% of donations directly to brain aneurysm research, net of fundraising expenses, guided by the neurology and stroke experts on our scientific advisory board.

Make a difference today and contribute to our cause by volunteering or making a donation and becoming an advocate for brain aneurysm research. What could be better than giving a gift that gives back to you and others in so many ways?



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