Brittany McCarthy

Our Eternal Love

Our Beautiful Valentine –

Brittany was the light of our life. So many broken hearts. Taken from us without any warning. Still in disbelief. Minds frozen. Living but sometimes hearing nothing. Living a story we never thought could be us.

Brittany loved Valentine’s Day along with many Holidays – I decided to make little special thank you boxes to fundraise  and chocolate covered pretzels. This keeps my mind busy everyday thinking of ways to fund money for research & awareness in Brittany’s honor & keep her alive in everyone’s heart which isn’t hard to do. The Bee Foundation brings me comfort that I know we are working hard to help fund for research to help save lives from this silent killer one day. We feel we are continuing  to live Brittany’s life dream of helping people by doing all of this too. That is why we started the Brittany McCarthy Fundraiser. 

Brittany loved the candy hearts with the cute sayings on them & pink starburst so we added them in the Valentine boxes that we made. Have some & think of Brittany. ❤️

Thank you everyone who helped us to Spread love in honor for Brittany for Valentine’s Day. We know how much she was loved and still is loved by all.💖

We thank you for your love & continued support for donating to the Bee Foundation. Our family will continue to make sure Brittany is honored & never forgotten.

We thank all of you for your donations.


Brain Aneurysm Virtual Fundraiser in Memory of Brittany McCarthy

OF OUR $35,000 GOAL