“My life was saved.” Jennifer Gordon’s Story

“Sunday, December 10th 2023. Just a regular Sunday morning. Grocery shopping. Making breakfast. It was an instant headache that felt like a sinus migraine. I immediately took some ibuprofen thinking it would go away. It didn’t. The pain just got worse and worse. I laid my head down on the kitchen counter when my husband rushed in and asked what was wrong. I told him my head hurt really bad and he took me outside to get some fresh air. The pain was intensifying. I came back into try to put my head down on the couch, but my neck stiffened up and I couldn’t put my head down. I started to sweat profusely. My husband saw the look in my eyes and he dialed 911. I was in the emergency room with 210 blood pressure. They started to work on getting my blood pressure down as fast as they could before working on the pain in my head. Once my blood pressure was stable enough, they pumped me with a lot of pain meds (fentanyl, morphine and dilaudid) and I didn’t remember the rest of Sunday due to being on the pain meds, I was basically in a comatose state BUT my husband said I was still talking to him and having small conversations. I have zero recollection of it.

The surgeon came in to run some CT scans which ended up showing blood on the brain. The second CT scan showed where the aneurysm was and by the grace of GOD, my aneurysm had stopped bleeding on its own. The surgeon had no explanation. No words. They monitored me the rest of Sunday in the Neuro Critical Care floor and did surgery Monday morning. Luckily, the surgeon was able to go through my right groin to clip/coil the aneurysm. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to find the aneurysm by going through the groin, but he was. Amazing technology and an amazing doctor he is.

Four days later, I went back down for the surgeon to check for vaso-spasms (which I was told I’m the most critical day 5-10) and he went through the left groin to check for the spasms and again, all looked great. Unfortunately, I had to be awake for that procedure, no anesthesia. I had already started to experience the pain of the blood/fluid in my brain reabsorbing back into my body. Some bad headaches the first 2 days, then the fluid traveled down to my neck for a few days and the worst pain was the fluid traveling down to my lower back. That lower back pain lasted about 3 weeks.

I was told I had to stay in the Neuro Critical Care Unit for 14 days. Lots of medicine, neuro exams, strength tests, blood tests and NUMEROUS doctors and nurses. My recovery was progressing quick due to my age and overall health. The doctors were happy with my progress and no side effects of having the aneurysm since surgery. By week two, I was walking the halls, using the bathroom and sitting in the chair in the hospital room. I was eating really well and kept myself active (as much as I could in the ICU).

I was able to be released ONE day early and was home in time for Christmas. Oh what a Christmas it was! I’m very lucky and incredibly blessed to have my life and to get a second chance. GOD was with me the entire time and the support I had from my husband (who went through an emotional rollercoaster ) my family, friends, neighbors and my clients was amazing. My life was saved for a reason and I will never take anything for granted. I had a CT scan done before being discharged and everything looked great and I will be going back in June for another angiogram and praying everything remains great. My mindset moving forward in life is to live every day to the fullest and keep GOD in my heart. Always listen to your body and don’t ignore it.”