Dr. Michael Chen

Meet SAB Member – Dr. Michael Chen

Why did you get involved with the Bee Foundation?
About a year ago, Christine and Erin, the founders, reached out to talk about interests in developing an initiative to support brain aneurysm research. Over lunch, we shared our interests, stories, experiences, and concerns. It was clear that Christine and Erin were not just deeply affected by the loss of their family, but equally concerned about how little awareness there was which could have made a difference. Their energy, concern and resourcefulness were contagious. I knew that by working with them, good things were going to happen.


What makes being a scientific advisory board member for Bee so special?
It’s offered me additional perspectives that may not be as obvious by simply working in a hospital and office setting. Being a part of the scientific advisory board has helped generate research ideas and helps me more clearly communicate with patients. I’ve been fortunate to have been exposed to current research topics and ideas from people around the country and world by attending conferences, serving on committees and working on scientific journals. It’s the perspective of the patient and family that is so critical and valuable though. Working closely with Bee helps to continuously remind me that everything we do always comes back to finding better ways to not just take care of patients, but prevent all the horrible things that can happen from brain aneurysms.


What makes The Bee Foundation commitment to research so innovative?
I think what makes the Bee Foundation’s commitment to research so innovative is how focused and practical their mission is.  Everything they do boils down to helping supporting the best brain aneurysm research.  Obviously, this goal involves many components, such as raising awareness, fundraising, and supporting researchers in the field.  I’ve really enjoyed my time working with this highly dedicated, energetic and talented group to support its mission.  Its quite clear that they mean business because of their rapid pace of fundraising combined with a disciplined, focused execution of their initiatives.

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