Luck 7: Re Martino Shares Her Story

Started out my day at Orange Theory Club then worked all day, finished my day having a stroke. I was 54 in great shape couldn’t check one thing off the list why I would be having a stroke . Most important part of the stroke was my husband insisting I go to the hospital . Time is so important . So three days in the hospital found I had a hole in the heart which caused the stroke. So aug I had Dr . William grey at Lankanau operate and put a part in to close the hole . But the most fortunate part of all the Mri is they found a brain aneurysm. So Dr. Tjoumakaris at Jefferson was next on my dream team . So after angiogram it was found in unprotected area, which commonly burst in the 50 to 60 year olds. So the day after thanksgiving I was having surgery to put a part in to block the aneurysm. So 5 surgery’s and two new parts I’m here to tell you my story . I guess it’s important I share my story since I got the gift of finding it and my mission is to make people aware that these are hereditary and your family should be scanned if they lost a family member . So I guess 7 is my lucky number .
Re Martino

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