Keeping a Legacy Alive: Clean Juice Grand Opening in Honor of Dylan Hopp

Tatum Gordon and her boyfriend, Dylan Hopp, were months away from some exciting events – they had just picked out engagement rings and were preparing for the opening of their second Clean Juice Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida. Then the unimaginable happened — Dylan suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and passed away at the age of 25. Below is Tatum’s story.

Dylan and I had been dating for three and a half years, but you really only had to know him for a day to understand that he was someone who was going to make a big positive impact on your life. In the years we were together, he had become a real father figure to my 5-year-old daughter, River, a constant source of support and love for me, and a peacemaker for everyone around him.  His personality was such a perfect fit for our Clean Juice business and it didn’t surprise me that he became involved with it right from the beginning – he loved to make people feel better from the inside out. He helped us open our first Clean Juice bar in Sarasota, Florida, and worked right along with us as we developed plans to open our second in St. Petersburg.  Remembering his passion for the product, and his dedication to building Clean Juice into a thriving enterprise, helps to keep me strong when it isn’t easy to keep going forward. I’m glad I have a chance to keep this part, at least, of our dreams alive.

The Bee Foundation is so grateful to Tatum and her family for sharing their story and for their support of our mission. We’ll be with them as they pay tribute to Dylan and celebrate the grand opening for the St. Petersburg Florida Clean Juice bar on July 27 from 8AM to 8PM.  at 1804 4thSt., St. Petersburg, Florida. A popup yoga class and Wellness Market will be among the highlights of the opening, which will be covered live by local radio station 97x. Best of all, Dylan’s favorite drink – Cashew milk latte– will be on hand throughout the day, with proceeds going to support The Bee Foundation’s ongoing work to prevent tragedies like Dylan’s.

Learn more about the event here: Clean Juice Grand Opening

Thank you, Tatum and the entire Gordon family!

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