Kavita Basi

Kavita Basi’s Story

Brain Hemorage survivor Kavita Basi, our Honey Bash 2015 Guest Speaker, who recently shared her article “Anxiety Through Covid“, now shares her new story as the founder of REFLEXONE & Ration.l.


“I was taken into the A & E to hospital on the 17th March 2015, with a life-threatening subarachnoid haemorrhage. At the time, I was only 38 years old and had always been a healthy person. I am career-oriented and traveled the world while working many hours with no time to relax.

Then, one night, I suddenly collapsed with a seizure & my whole world fell apart. I was in the hospital for nearly two months. After four intense brain surgeries, I had difficulty understanding what was happening to me and why. It’s so important to remain positive. Being positive is a huge part of my recovery. I had to relearn many cognitive and physical abilities.

With the help of Family & friends I began to log my journey through multiple channels. Sharing my thoughts, feelings and discovery from diagnosis through to recovery. It was important to me to help others who may have endured a similar experience and I published my book Room 23 surviving a Brain Hemorrhage in 2018. I began to work closely with charities who were built around helping those with neurological conditions and their family and friends around them.

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Alongside helping others it was also important for me to help our planet! Having always been interested in sustainability, the social change that was happening in society & wanting to live better due to my life changing experience, all helped to enhance my focus around this. I want to continue to raise awareness for both brain injuries and living better.

I decided to create two brands with a different purpose but each with the same goals. Working on key sustainable products with longevity, designing with intent, eco materials that are either recycled, vegan & cruelty free through to biodegradable packaging. Each process is there to ensure we provide the best products for both consumers and our planet. Our products encourage a healthier happier lifestyle so please enjoy them and feel good about our planet. ”

Learn more about Kavita Basi and her mission with The Bee Foundation is the video below!