Kavita Basi

Kavita Basi’s brand ‘Jardin Living’ nominated for three awards.

The Bee Foundation’s Ambassador Kavita Basi, has established Jardin Living, a group of lifestyle brands for the conscious and curious. Recently her brand was nominated for 3 awards, read the story now! Reposted by UK Fashion and Textile Association:

Drapers Footwear Award 2022 finalist

Drapers Footwear Award 2022 finalist – Ration.L

Jardin Living, founded by Kavita Basi, has recently been nominated for three awards including the GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards, the People’s Choice – Greater Manchester , and Best New Brand at the Drapers Footwear Awards 2022.

As a finalist in all three awards, Jardin Living has been recognized for its commitment to supporting others in the community.“People always need hope”, commented founder Kavita, who is an active advocate of helping schools and universities. She has held seminars for students about motivation and empowering them during the tough times of COVID-19.


Reflexone activewear

In addition to caring for its community, the Jardin Living brands are built to be conscious of their impact on the planet. To be environmentally friendly, the packaging is completely plastic free and the products are designed with thought and care with educational information around the life cycle of the materials. For example, the circular economy T-shirt by Reflexone is made with 100% cotton, with a recycled paper care label carrying a QR code that allows the user to close the loop by sending it back to the cotton system to be recycled. Ration.L takes pride as a vegan, all season and gender-neutral brand, which aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Ration.L Pluto

Ration.L – Pluto

As a brand that began its journey during COVID, Jardin Living is growing successfully, having built retail relations with eighteen partnerships, such as John Lewis, Wolf & Badger and looking to grow more. With high hopes, Kavita would also like to launch overseas in the United States.

Ration.L - Mars

Ration.L – Mars

Kavita is also an ambassador of three neurological charities, such as SameYou Organisation, The Bee Foundation and Brain & Spine Foundation. Ration.L donates 5% of its profits to the Brain & Spine Foundation, while Reflexone, a sustainable activewear brand made from recycled plastic yarn, also donates 5% of its profits to the Bee Foundation.

Reflexone athleisure

Reflexone athleisure

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