Jodie Donivan

In September 2011, I was taken to the emergency room with what can only be described as the worst migraine of my life. I went thinking they’d only give me the cocktail of medications for migraines but after talking with the nurse he insisted I needed to ask for further testing. So I did and after arguing with the PA on duty they finally agreed to do a CT scan. The results were earth shattering. It showed blood and a possible rupture.

They tried air lifting me to Presbyterian in Pittsburgh, PA but couldn’t due to weather. I took the longest and most bumpy ambulance trip of my life. 3 hours later I’m waiting in another ER for an OR to open up. When they finally were able to take me back I had one aneurysm that had ruptured and another one that had not, yet. Eight hours in surgery to have them clamped.

I had to be in NICU and a step down unit for a total of 8 weeks. My stubbornness and determination allowed me to walk out in 12 days! I do experience memory loss and confusion from time to time but it’s nothing compared to the fact that my parents could have been burying their 23 year old at the time. I’m now the wife to my best friend and high school sweetheart who happens to be a EOD tech for the US Army. We have 2 beautiful children, a boy and a girl with our 3rd child on the way.

I’m now pursuing my career dream of being a Real Estate Agent in northern New York.

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