Hrisanthi Loli’s Story – My Brother – A Brain Aneurysm Survivor and My Hero

My brother Angelo 17 at the time had a brain aneurysm do to an AVM in the back of his brain. He happened to be at school when he got an uncontrollable headache and started loosing his senses. He was rushed to a nearby hospital after he started having seizures. He was air lifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland Maine within the hour.
My family raced to drive to the hospital where a doctor met to tell us that he had had a brain aneurysm we were in complete shock .We didn’t understand how this could happen to a perfectly healthy athletic teenage boy. Angelo was already in surgery when we arrived. The doctors told us to expect the worst. But hours later he was out of surgery. deeply sedated for days to try to minimize the damage done to his brain. After countless brain surgeries and months in the hospital he was left without his ability to walk or speak. He was moved to a long term Rehab center.
I am so happy to say he can talk again and has not lost a bit of his humor during everything he went through. He has now moved back home where he is still doing therapy to try to regain the abilities he had before.
I am so proud of him everyday for trying his best and never giving up on himself he is my hero and role model.

Thank You Hrisanthi!

Your brother is a true hero and your love and support is an inspiration to us all!


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