How To Set Up Stock Donation To The Bee Foundation

Contributing securities can be a cost-effective way to maximize philanthropic options while minimizing tax liability. We have partnered with Stock Donator to offer the, “Most trusted way to accept stock donations online.” Stock Donator has an industry leading 11 years of experience helping nonprofits accept stock donations. Here is what to expect when initiating your stock donation to The Bee Foundation.

Step 1

Individual donors log on to and enter the following information:

  1. The specific stock and number of shares.
  2. The receiving organization.
  3. Their brokerage information.

Step 2

Stock Donator generates the required forms and initiates the stock transfer request.

Step 3

OPTIONAL: Brokerage Firms that use Medallion Signatures (MS) as an means to validate the donation request will need to get a medallion signature on their stock transfer forms.

Step 4

Stock Donator receives the stock donations from the Donor’s Brokerage Firm.



Step 5

Stock Donator provides the stock proceeds net of any fees and service charges to the receiving organization, based on the organization’s preference to either liquidate immediately or transfer the stock.

Step 6

To complete the process, Stock Donator provides the Donor with the transaction receipts needed to claim the tax deduction for the stock donations.


Donate Stock To The Bee Foundation for Brain Aneurysm Prevention