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Houston surgeon finds gene mutation linked to brain aneurysms after 15-year quest

Now researchers can begin studying ways to prevent the deadly condition

Houston Chronicle – Dr. Dong Kim decided to investigate further after recognizing a pattern in brain aneurysm patients – about 25% would report a family history of the condition. He began trying to find a genetic market or mutation that causes the condition, and after a more than 15-year search, he has found the answer.

“The implications are significant: With the discovery, researchers can begin searching for other genes connected to aneurysms and someday possibly develop a genetic test to identify and treat patients most at risk, saving lives.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Kim, who first received a National Institutes of Health grant 16 years ago to begin studying the question in partnership with a geneticist.”

Read the full original article to see more of Kim’s journey and struggle to find this genetic mutation.

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