What is The Honey Bash?

Since the beginning of The Bee Foundation, we have hosted The Honey Bash. 2023 will be extra special because it will be our 10 year celebration!

Honey Bash Speakers.

Each year we have a different speaker share their story with our guests of how their lives have been impacted by brain aneurysms. Meet our speakers and learn more about their stories.


Kavita Basi

She was treated with 4 brain operations. There is a 50% survival rate with the remainder of those who do survive having serious disabilities like hearing, difficulty walking, partially paralyzed and brain damage.

Amy Leigh Horan

Amy Leigh Horan is a playwright, photographer, and PR professional who currently lives in Washington, DC. We are so pleased to have Amy at this year’s 5th Annual Honey Bash Gala as one of very special guests

Tatum Gordon

Tatum Gordon and her boyfriend, Dylan Hopp, were months away from some exciting events – they had just picked out engagement rings and were preparing for the opening of their second Clean Juice Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida. Then the unimaginable happened — Dylan suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and passed away at the age of 25.

Zac Yezzi

I was working in one of the bedrooms at the house and when I stood up from my desk, I started to sweat, developed a severe migraine, and suddenly lost the ability to see or move the right side of my body... I knew something was seriously wrong...I was given a CT scan that revealed I had a large 7.5cm hemorrhage on the left side of my brain.

ALBUMS Of Each Year




In 2020, we pivoted to a virtual way to bring our community together for brain aneurysm prevention, even when we were physically apart. People could get involved and we encouraged them to Bee A Champion, Bee A Sponsor, and Bee Informed

The Bee Foundation Fall Classic 2021 

In 2021 we hosted a hybrid version of the Fall Classic. Guests could participate in our outdoor Fall Classic and others hosted online fundraisers.  Read more about the event in our blog recap 


Get Involved, Stay Connected, BEE Informed.

Want to get involved? 

Have a great idea for an auction item?

We are always looking for new and exciting auction items.  Have a great idea or fabulous service or item to donate? Download our auction form here or contact us at info@thebeefoundation.org and put your creativity to work in support of Brain Aneurysm Research.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Our Honey Bash sponsors and benefactors make the event possible.  This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant difference in the landscape of brain aneurysm prevention and research. Your contribution enables The Bee Foundation to fund preventative research, dedicated brain aneurysm research fellows, targeted awareness campaigns and federal advocacy.  As a sponsor you will be recognized in all media channels and at the event as a significant contributor. 

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