A young woman named Mallory Brewer, suffered a fatal ruptured brain aneurysm with no warning signs at the age of 27. Mallory was a former collegiate gymnast at the University of Pittsburgh. She flipped through life and made an impact on everyone she met. Mallory’s family & friends launched the Headstands For Mallory campaign, in her honor during the month of June. Please join us by posting a handstand in June to celebrate her zest of life AND raise Brain Aneurysm Awareness!


Help us spread brain aneurysm awareness and prevention. On June 1st, we will announce Headstands For Mallory. We will invite you to join the fundraiser or you can start your own.

1. Post Your Headstands

Participants agree to post a photo of them doing a handstand/headstand on their feed, add a fundraiser button to their post, tag @thebeefoundation, share a brain aneurysm prevention fact, and nominate at least 3 friends to join in.

2. Nominate

Participants will nominate at least 3 friends to join in to help make sure they know the facts about brain aneurysms.

3. Join Our Fundraiser

Participants will be invited to join our Instagram fundraiser or they can start their own, so they can add the fundraiser button directly to the post and feature it on their profile. This is essential to maximizing fundraising for research and prevention.

Mallory Brewer
Thank you for supporting The Bee Foundation & Athletes for Aneurysms! All donations support Brain Aneurysm Prevention.

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Each of these athletes, Mallory Brewer, Nick Cordrey & Maddie Potts, were tragically taken too soon due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. Athletes for Aneurysms expands the Headstands for Mallory campaign to reach even more people by joining the families and friends of these athletes doing what they loved most.



Copy and Paste the text below:

This headstand is in honor of a young woman named Mallory Brewer whose life was taken too soon after suffering a fatal ruptured brain aneurysm with no warning signs at the age of 27.

Brain aneurysms rupture every 18 minutes. That is about 18 ruptures during every gymnastics meet.

Please consider getting involved and helping spread brain aneurysm awareness and prevention. I nominate




#AthletesForAneurysms @thebeefoundation


Join the Athletes For Brain Aneurysm Awareness fundraiser on Instagram or start your own!

Make sure you add the donate button directly on your post so your audience will be able to get involved and learn more about Athletes For Aneurysms all in one place.

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