Gold Seal of Transparency Holders!

In every aspect of our mission, we strive to be genuine, and authentic in our endeavors and our path towards our goals and we are proud of our transparency.   As a nonprofit, we report our finances, programs, operations and a general summary report yearly to GuideStar – a database of global nonprofit financial information. This resource helps donors, nonprofits, volunteers, and many other stakeholders compare, and keep track of the financial data (among a lot of other important information) of numerous nonprofit organizations.

This year, we have earned GuideStar’s “Gold Seal of Transparency” which requires an organization to provide:

  • Organization address, contact name, and e-mail
  • Mission statement
  • Name of organization leader and board chair
  • Program name, description, and population served
  • Geographic area served by our program
  • Audited financial report OR basic financial information
  • Charting Impact questions (goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, progress)

The Gold Seal is the third highest seal an organization can receive in this category, further demonstrating our words, mission, and actions.

Our hope is that with this award we will continue to reach our goals in spreading awareness and raise funds to help conduct research on brain aneurysms to end the lives of our loved ones being lost too soon.

Learn more, and access our Guidestar profile.

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