Giving Tuesday 2022: Bee A Hero

What is Giving Tuesday? 

As you probably know by now, Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving that is held the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.

Why support The Bee Foundation?

When you support The Bee Foundation, you’re supporting innovative research that is evidence based, targeting brain aneurysm prevention, a critical and underfunded area of research. Many medical experts in the field of neuroscience recognize this research as an urgent necessity, such as those on our Scientific Advisory Board.

An estimated 1 in 50 people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm. How many Facebook friends do you have? Out of 500 friends, 10 may have an un-ruptured aneurysm.

Brain aneurysms are fatal in 40% of cases when they do rupture. Supporting survivors and loved ones  whose lives are uprooted by brain aneurysms is important now more than ever this #GivingTuesday. It is time for our voice to be heard and get the word out about this devastating condition that can strike at any time.

How Can I Support The Bee Foundation? 

This Giving Tuesday, BEE A HERO for The Bee Foundation.

BEE SUPPORTIVE to those who have been impacted by brain aneurysms!

Our support groups are growing and need your help! A few years ago, we launched a private Facebook Group for those whose lives have been impacted by brain aneurysms to have a safe space to connect and share their journey. That quickly evolved into monthly virtual meetings for the community and the more recent launch of our Family & Caretaker Support Group. Help us continue to grow this community and be able to offer support to this community.

BEE STRONG and Share your Story

Brain aneurysms are a devastating disease that impact the lives of many. Here at The Bee Foundation we believe that sharing stories of those who have been impacted by brain aneurysms is essential to raising awareness. Help us put a smile on our communities face. We will send out stickers, pins, and wristbands to survivors and affected family members of our beehive.


Whether you donate to our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser or Start your own, bee giving this holiday season!

Start your own Facebook Fundraiser for brain aneurysm research and prevention

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Donate to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser and help spread the word!

Giving Tuesday: BEE A HERO

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