mayfield clinic brain aneurysm flow diverter

Flow Diverter OK for Smaller Wide-Neck Brain Aneurysms

Medpage Today reports on the ‘reasonable’ safety profile of a new device called a flow diverter and their high technical success rate in a recent study.

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“‘These are difficult aneurysms to treat with the current armamentarium of devices. This new device, based on this Pipeline trial here shows it’s reasonably safe and can be treated,’ said Ralph L. Sacco, MD, of the University of Miami who served as a discussant at the ISC press briefing. Sacco is also past president of the American Heart Association and president-elect of the American Academy of Neurology.”

The study was not designed to define who should be treated how but, in the future, researchers are hopeful that this treatment will be added to the list of non-invasive options for those suffering from brain aneurysms.

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