Elizabeth Orta

Elizabeth Orta Story

Written by Tony Barriere, on behalf of Elizabeth Orta “Liz”:

Liz is young and vivacious and she’s the type of person who will give you the shirt off her back, her last dollar, and she would ask for nothing in return. On 4/6/22 Liz fainted during a gym workout and went to the ER for further analysis, while waiting in the ER she had a seizure and fell asleep and couldn’t wake up. The hospital then found she had experienced a brain aneurysm and had to undergo surgery on 4-7-22. Liz is currently in a medically induced coma and we don’t know how long her recovery will be or what side effects she may have. Liz takes care of her elderly parents and I can’t imagine what her family is going through in this uncertain time.

Being that this tragic accident happened so suddenly, we’re hoping we can help ease some of the financial hardships that will be brought upon the family due to her medical expenses.
Liz is one of our most valued employees, not only because of her work ethic and reliability, but due to her warm and loving personality. She’s a selfless soul who always prioritizes her parents, extended family and friends and she and her family deserves to know how much she is loved, valued and appreciated. We love her very much!
Please help us provide some support to her family who desperately needs our help. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!