COVID-19 Update From Our Founders


One of my 2020 goals was to read more. With guidance, and a little extra time on my hands, I have found myself lost in Glennon Doyle’s new book Untamed. Throughout her memoir, she comes back to these 5 little words…We Can Do Hard Things. Each time I hear them I think she is right…we can, you can, I can. And yet I am struck by the need for the constant reminder.
And every day we are reminded of our current situation as we hear the latest Virus counts, see the faces of our nation’s health care workers, and learn of the next economic victim slain by COVID-19…or, the “germs”, if speaking to my 4 year old. We are all doing hard things every day, and trying our best to do them with grace and kindness.
The Bee Foundation and Brain Aneurysm community is familiar with doing hard things. Many of you know our story. We stand for prevention, whether it is through spreading awareness, funding seed research, or telling the stories of families and survivors. Our mission is to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and increase funding for preventative research. At the end of the day, our vision is simple…prevent brain aneurysms from rupture and save lives. Easy…No. Critical…Yes. Awareness, Research and Advocacy are the answers. Again, we can do hard things.
The Coronavirus has taught us that the integrity of the research process and translation to the bedside is critical to eliminating disease and ultimately saving lives. Also, the many facets of this disease have highlighted the importance of the brain body connection and our need to better understand this connection. We cannot thank our health-care workers enough for their daily commitment to helping people whatever the price and to our researchers for putting into action the belief that we can do hard things.
There is no doubt COVID-19 will impact us at The Bee Foundation, and we know it has impacted each and every one of you. As you know, the brain aneurysm statistics remain… at rupture every 18 minutes…pandemic or not. In this newsletter you’ll see that we remain committed to Awareness, Research & Advocacy. Thank you for sharing our passion to prevent brain aneurysms and helping us do hard things. We look forward to seeing you on the other side.
Bee Strong,
Christine Kondra & Erin Kreszl, Co-Founders
The Bee Foundation

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