child brain aneurysm

Is your child at risk of a brain aneurysm?

Its a rare and critical medical event.

In fact, Stormont Vail Neurologist, Dr.  Fatma Radhi said “three percent of people have it and they don’t know about it.” She’s talking about a brain aneurysm.

But is your child at risk, more so than you are? In short, no. Everyone runs the risk of experiencing this kind of neurological event. But family history can play an important role.

“Those people are at more risk of having an aneurysm.”

Family history combined with connective tissue diseases, like systemic lupus or vasculitis can indicate the potential for an aneurysm.

According to Radhi, an aneurysm causes problems when it “presses on a certain structure or the covering of the brain and gives you headache, weakness, loss of function or it ruptures.”

The doctor told KSNT News you shouldn’t be concerned if your child comes to you with a run of the mill headache, but you should monitor their condition. If it sticks around for a few days and becomes increasingly worse, its time to make a trip to the emergency room for scans – something Radhi said can scare parents who don’t want their child exposed to radiation.

“If there are symptoms then definitely…its worth getting exposed to some minimum radiation for the sake of saving a life.”

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