Athletes For Aneurysms

Celebrating Success: Athletes for Aneurysms Recap

Our Athletes for Aneurysms campaign has wrapped up, and the numbers are in – and they’re beyond inspiring! This incredible initiative brought together athletes, survivors, and advocates to raise awareness and funds for brain aneurysm research. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the amazing impact we’ve achieved together.


🌐 We reached an astonishing 70,897 individuals, spreading our message of awareness far and wide. 

🔍 Welcomed 502 new followers to our growing community – every new connection counts! 

📈 Our profile received a heartwarming 7,164 visits, showing the genuine interest and engagement in our cause.


Our campaign caught the attention of not one, but two news outlets, helping us shine an even brighter spotlight on brain aneurysm awareness. Every piece of coverage is a step toward a more informed world.


Three years after his death, Nick Cordrey is continuing to impact lives, and his memory is being used to save some.

Cordrey died at age 15 from a ruptured brain aneurysm June 3, 2020. It was the end of his freshman year at Taylor High School, where Cordrey was a member of the soccer team.

He would have graduated from Taylor this month, and friends and associates have been honoring his memory in multiple ways while using his story to raise funds to keep others from suffering aneurysms.

The Bee Foundation for Brain Aneurysm Research and Prevention launched the Athletes for Aneurysms campaign and partnered with the Nicholas R. Cordrey Foundation for the Kicks for Nick initiative.



Most importantly, your unwavering support and dedication raised over $5,000 for brain aneurysm research. Your contributions are fuel for innovative research, prevention efforts, and improved treatments.

🙌 Together, We’re Stronger: This campaign has showcased the incredible power of community. Athletes, survivors, and supporters united to drive change and make a lasting impact. It’s a testament to the strength that emerges when we come together for a common cause.

🙏 Heartfelt Thanks: A special shout out to the families and foundations of Maddie Potts, Nick Cordrey and Mallory Brewer for their invaluable participation. Your dedication and involvement have helped us drive awareness and raise funds, moving us closer to our mission.


Your participation, your stories, your commitment – they all contributed to the success of Athletes for Aneurysms. Each kick and handstand, each share, each donation moves us closer to a world where brain aneurysms are better understood and prevented.

Let’s keep the momentum going, and remember, every action, every voice, every effort counts. Together, we are making a difference. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to join us in our mission. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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