Bryn Bowles Mom Launches T-shirt Campaign to Celebrate Bryn’s 30th Birthday

Support The Bee Foundation and Speech Recovery Pathways with every T-Shirt Purchase!

Bryn was 26 with a lifetime ahead of her. A few days before, we were talking about plans of graduate school and date night outfits. Without warning or risk factors, an undiagnosed brain aneurysm ruptured in her middle cerebral artery while she was jogging. Just like that, we entered a dark abyss of the complete unknown. Would she survive? Would she wake up? Would she be able to walk? swallow? breath? speak? Would she know who we are? Would she know we loved her?

Through setback and complications, Bryn did survive! Three years later, recovery continues. Although she has not been able to return to her career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, she approaches recovery with the same “all in” spirit that has always been her trademark. Life looks entirely different than before rupture with aphasia and paralysis, but recovery is a gift that many who rupture brain aneurysms do not receive.

Our family now knows that Brain Aneurysm research is disproportionately underfunded compared to other conditions. The government spends about 2.08 for every person affected by brain aneurysm. 30,000 people will rupture a brain aneurysm annually, half will die and 7 in 10 will live with permanent neurological deficits.

We found The Bee Foundation when we read Jenny Sedney’s story while Bryn was an inpatient at Craig. We were immediately drawn to them as we read beautiful Jenny’s story. She was almost the same age as Bryn. We felt a kinship with her family as we read her story. We are so thankful to The Bee Foundation for their work in the areas of brain aneurysm prevention, genetics, detection, diagnostics, surgical intervention and support to survivors and their families. There are many unknowns surrounding brain aneurysm and so much work to do. The courage it has taken Jenny’s cousins to step from their grief, out of their comfort zones is absolutely inspiring.

We will remember the anniversaries of Bryn’s two ruptures in May and celebrate her 30th birthday in June! Bryn and family would like to partner with The Bee Foundation as they support families who have lost a love one, survivors, and prevention research. It is also a passion of Bryn’s to help the world become “aphasia aware” and give back Speech Recovery Pathways, the non-profit aphasia community where Bryn has found her community.

Please join us as we help Bryn give back to continue research that helped save her life and honor those families who have lost loved ones to brain aneurysm.

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