Brianna Halberg’s Story

I am 1 in 50. Two years ago I woke up thinking it was a normal Thursday feeling PERFECTLY fine, shortly after I woke up I threw up then all of a sudden had an agonizing headache, got super dizzy, couldn’t see straight, got SUPER overheated, and passed out on my bathroom floor. thankfully I woke up and got to the ER only to find out the scariest news of my life. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm in my posterior communicating artery-subarachnoid hemorrhage aka a type of stroke. I was life flighted and under went emergency brain surgery where they put in 4 coils to stop the bleeding. My heart rate dropped as low as 30 bpm on the helicopter. The next few days were the most crucial and worst days of my life as i battled an intense headache and constantly throwing up while praying i wasn’t going to start re-bleeding. There were NO warning signs up until that morning it ruptured. I am truly BEYOND lucky to still be here to share my story. My guardian angel worked overtime that day. To this day I still suffer headaches, I will go for re-scans every so often to make sure everything is alright.

NEVER take life for granted, appreciate the moment for what it is and let it be. Hug your loved ones be we will never know what the day brings.