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Brain Aneurysm Survivor Bonds With His Doctor, Thankful For ‘Tiny’ Technology

Rene Longoria of Brownsville, TX suffered a massive brain aneurysm in 2013. While his family prepared for the worst, Dr. Ameer Hassan, a top neurologist at Valley Baptist Medical Center, knew than an unconventional method of repair could be used to save Rene’s life.

Until this rupture, Rene didn’t know that he was a sufferer of multiple brain aneurysms. He experienced a much smaller rupture when he was 11, but it went untreated. Smaller aneurysm ruptures followed throughout his life. In 2013, Rene experienced a much more serious rupture accompanied by what’s called a thunder-clap headache. Most patients describe it as the most painful headache of their lives.

In fear of more aneurysms waiting to rupture, Dr. Hassan turned to a small piece of metal called a Pipeline.

” “So we take these little tubes, go in through the groin take pictures and fill the aneurysm with metal strips the coils” said Dr. Hassan explaining how the technology works.

The little coils help blood flow and reduce ballooning of the artery. This technology does not require a surgeon to break through the skull to reach the brain aneurysm. It’s a small piece of tech with big results.”

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