Andre Morris’ Story

On March 22nd of 2017 I was doing a simple workout on an elliptical machine and I suddenly felt a sharp pain on the right side of my head. At this time I was 28 years old, worked out regularly, and had overall good health. However a fat burner pill called “Roxylean” was given to me 2 weeks prior by a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA. I was normally doing about 30 to 45 minutes on the elliptical to start my workouts, this night I didn’t last 8 minutes before I felt the sharp pain in my head. I went to go lay down on the mat in the corner, and the assistant manager of the facility saw me hit the ground hard. He saved my life by immediately calling 911 and continuing to keep me awake and drinking water. It took and hour and a half before I reached the operating table, I had a full on brain aneurysm rupture and was bleeding out but survived. I not only survived but look at life in an entirely different way, I do not have ANY physical or mental issues from the aneurysm other than taking seizure pills twice a day for prevention of a seizure due to where the surgery scar is located on the right side of my head. Present day I am happy, healthy, the father of a month old baby boy, and striving in my Fintech career and small businesses. Life is amazing and I never take a day of it for granted anymore.