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Alana Sattler Raises Awareness of Brain Aneurysms

Two years ago, then 25-year-old Alana Sattler suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while working out at the gym. Diagnosed with the unruptured aneurysm at just six weeks old, Alana’s brain contained a ticking time bomb.

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Alana Sattler, now 27 and still recovering from her brain aneurysm rupture, wants more people to be aware of this life threatening condition. She has been attending rehabilitation therapy sessions for the past two years, and wants to help other people who may suffer the same fate.

Warning signs can be rare, but they can include double vision, a constant headache or the worst headache of the person’s life, and numbness on one side of the body or face. One side effect Sattler has experienced since her brain surgery is she now has a form of epilepsy. However, Sattler said medicine has helped.

Founded in May 2014, The Bee Foundation is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the number of deaths caused by brain aneurysms through innovative research. For further information, contact us at

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