Advocacy Toolkit

At The Bee Foundation, we believe in the power of advocacy to drive positive change. With your help, we can influence Congress to improve federal policy around brain aneurysms and ensure better outcomes for those affected by this condition. Join us in lifting our collective voice and making a difference.

Step 1: Know Your Member of Congress

Before you begin advocating, it’s essential to know who your Members of Congress are. You can easily look them up using the following links:

Step 2: Tell Your Story

Your personal story is a powerful advocacy tool. Download our sample letter here to send to your Member of Congress in support of Ellie’s Law. Sharing your experience can help lawmakers understand the importance of these initiatives and the impact they can have on individuals and families affected by brain aneurysms. 


Learn More

To learn more about Ellie’s Law and the Awareness Resolution, visit You can also check if your Member of Congress is already a Co-Sponsor of these bills:

Download Resources

Download our TBF One Pager and Brain Aneurysm Two-Pager to learn more about the issues and how you can get involved in advocacy efforts:

Get Involved

Your voice matters, and your advocacy can make a real difference in the fight against brain aneurysms. Join us in advocating for improved federal policy and raising awareness about this critical health issue. Together, we can ensure better outcomes for those affected by brain aneurysms and work towards a future where prevention and early detection are prioritized.