The 5th annual Honey Bash Gala was dedicated to everyone who has been touched by this devastating disease.  Each dollar and minute spent to spread awareness and prevent this disease is done in service to each person that has suffered from a brain aneurysm rupture and either won or lost that battle.  We recognize each person, family and network this truly is a struggle, one that is not created equal.

Throughout our journey we have met countless individuals who have showed tremendous strength to turn their struggles in positive change in their own personal way…. sharing their stories with the world through various writing mediums, planning unique fundraisers to honor loved ones and creating social media campaigns to spread awareness.

We thank all of our advocates for their endless strength and support.  Read the Tribute Book to hear are some of their stories….

Erin has been selected as one of the 2024 Be Well Philly Health Hero semi-finalists and we need your help!
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