BEE THANKFUL! The Bee Foundation takes a moment to GIVE THANKS

Not that we aren’t thankful every day for our wonderful supporters, but since Thanksgiving is this week, we want to make it official! The Bee Foundation has many generous, selfless people that we are thankful for this year that have enabled us to spread more brain aneurysm awareness and raise more research dollars.

Share Your Story – Thank you to everyone who shared their story about their personal experience with brain aneurysms, whether it affected them or a loved one. Carrying on after being impacted by such a scary, tragic disease takes real strength, and it means the world that you were willing to Bee Inspirational for others going through the same thing!

Corporate Sponsors – Thank you to the generous support of the corporations who found it most important to donate money for brain aneurysm research and awareness.

corporate sponsors 1corporate sponsors 2

Event attendees and Volunteers – Without support at our fundraising events, The Bee Foundation would raise far less money for brain aneurysm research and awareness. Thank you to everyone who attended or volunteered at an event this year, especially The Honey Bash Gala and the Philadelphia Marathon. The 2015 Honey Bash Gala raised over $150,000 dollars, thanks in large part to our biggest donors and advocates:

Check out pictures from the event here!

A substantial amount of funding was also raised by those who joined The Bee Foundation marathon team and ran to support brain aneurysm research and awareness. And whether they ran or not, even more supporters made it out for the Brunch, Beer, and Bloody Mary after party. In all, $6,500 was raised by marathon fundraisers, and by supporters throughout the weekend!  Carlos Azuero, the team’s top fundraiser, raised $1,070 and was awarded the honor of naming the TBF 2015 Marathon Research Grant. Thank you for the dedication to our cause!

  • Eileen Smith – 8K
  • Alex Shtraks – 8K
  • Doug Kreszl – 8K
  • Lenny Sedney – 8K
  • Jodi Brown – Half Marathon (2nd highest fundraiser AND a PR in the half marathon)
  • Maria Trethaway-Fazio – Half Marathon
  • Kirk Smith – Half Marathon
  • Allison Luchey – Half Marathon
  • David Pennington – Half Marathon
  • Carine Sudres*– Half Marathon
  • Matt Sedney – Half Marathon
    Jess Golen– Half Marathon
  • Heidi Tyrrell– Full Marathon
  • Holger Brencher – Full Marathon
  • Carlos Azuero– Full Marathon (Our highest fundraiser!)
  • Stefan Randstrom – Full Marathon (Volunteer- videographer)
  • Matt Suzor – Full Marathon
  • Elliott Nguyen – Half Marathon, Wheelchair

*Names in bold are those who joined our team because they were personally affected by brain aneurysms.

Scientific advisory board – Of course, we are thankful for the ongoing support of the professionals on our scientific advisory board, who provide strategic guidance and direction for the organization around research and scientific grants and programs, and play a key role in guiding and prioritizing The Bee Foundation’s diversified research investment.

  • Michael Chen
  • M. Shazam Hussain
  • J Mocco

Grant award recipients – Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank those who applied for the TBF 2015 Research Grant, and especially Dr. Aichi Chien, our grant recipient.  Their dedication to this field of research are critical to making lasting impacts on this disease and to saving lives.

We at The Bee Foundation are humbled by the ongoing support of our donors and advocates, and are thankful every day to have their strong support for brain aneurysm research and awareness.

Warm wishes,

The Bee Foundation Board of Directors & The Bee Foundation Team

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